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How many people can be accommodated in a single meeting?

Meet Pass does not have any limitation for attendees. This is solely dependent on meeting venue and organization mode to host a meeting.

Please access the link for tutorial to use Meet Pass.

Meet Pass system is easy to implement and the basic tutorial would suffice to execute our Meeting Management system. However our tech team is all about supporting per your needs and can jointly initiate trainings if required by any corporates upon request.

Organisations can/should appoint admin in charge to access Meet Pass and authorize meetings for potential visitors based on internal request.

Multiple admins can be given access. However only one account can be issued to any organization for convenience to manage meetings. We have Enterprise package to manage multiple organizations. For more details please contact [email protected].

Options are available to provide email/sms link to download Meet Pass while creating a meeting. Once a user have access to Meet Pass the data will be enrolled in Admin dashboard for easy invitation for future meetings thus enabling information on usage of Meet Pass with attendees.

Currently we enable one Meet Pass account for single organization only. In addition our Enterprise package has a provision to manage more organization’s meetings using different Meet Pass accounts.

Meet Pass Enterprise package provides all facilities required for group of companies to manage meetings. Please access the link for more details on enterprise package or contact [email protected]

We have launched phase A only where currently there is no provision to upload any docs and only basic details required to be entered for secured access to meeting premise. Nevertheless, the next phase is under development which will include more features including upload of critical documents.

Technically there is no limit for employee’s enrolment in organization dashboard. But again, this is solely dependent on packages purchased.

There is no limit to number of meetings that can be created in a day. Our packages ensure smooth access and unlimited meetings for defined timescale.

Venue details which include meeting rooms etc can be added in organization dashboard and modified as well.

Yes, all those have attended the meeting will have the MOM displayed on app dashboard.

There is no word limit for MOM that can be published in Meet Pass for respective organizational meetings.

The Organization’s Admin can change the schedule internally which will accordingly notify the attendees and update their Meet Pass access as well.

Yes, meeting attendees will be notified on cancelled meeting if the organization has cancelled the meeting from the dashboard.

There is a meeting description section which can include all details & essentials of the meeting. This should be filled by the meeting host while creating a meeting. The description can be viewed by attendees upon acceptance of meeting request.

There can be single host for both meetings while using Meet Pass to ensure meetings are in place although we are certain this is not possible physically as there would have been allocation of host internally to manage respective meetings.

Please access the link for tutorial to use Meet Pass.


Are the personal data for each meeting secured?

Only basic personal data is enrolled as part of registration in Meet Pass that which is necessary for secure access to any premise as well. For more info please read privacy policy of Meet Pass.

Meet Pass do not encourage usage of papers rather promotes sustainable way of hosting and managing meetings. Our smart solution ensures meetings can be managed digitally using a single window platform.

Meet Pass have inbuilt pre-set reminders to alert attendees for upcoming meetings. Upon purchase of Package organizations can understand the reminder settings for Meet Pass users.

A meeting invitee can view the other participants for the meeting who have accepted the meeting request.

Only one time log in required unless the application is updated.

The Meet Pass will highlight both meetings on user Dashboard and it will be upto the user to prioritize and cancel one meeting.

Meet Pass is exclusive platform to manage meetings and apart from sharing the link to access the app, the organization email cannot be integrated with Meet Pass.

Currently Meet Pass is free for users since they have all required details for Meeting access purpose. The Organizations hosting/creating meetings have to purchase our packages to avail the features to manage smart meetings.

User requires to register all important details to start using Meet Pass. This is one way to ensure safe and secure mode to manage meetings for any organization.

We have enabled cancel meeting option on user dashboard for convenience to cancel meeting which would notify the meeting host as well.

Currently we have not included that feature in phase A and will be subject to next phase.

The meeting reminders cannot be customized as this is pre-set to standardize as part of meetings management.

We have quick meeting feature that can be used by Meet Pass user to request for internal meetings with another Meet Pass user .however they cannot send request for Organization meetings unless the firms have enterprise package purchased which will open access to their various Dept to request for meetings.


How many admins can be authorized to use Security scanner App?

We have provision only for one admin registered by Organization itself. It is the sole responsibility of the organization to ensure security scanner app is managed by their security in charge irrespective of the shifts only 1 account can be created to use the scanner app.

Meet Pass Business package includes admin access for security scanner app and this essentially completes the Meet Pass integration with the organization.

In this case we will support to integrate the Business centre Security scanner app and if there is no requirement for internal security purpose we shall deactivate the feature for the organization and modify the package accordingly.

While our team will ensure full prompt support in case of technical issues, a Meet Pass user with an invitation for meeting will have all details of meeting apart from the QR code which can be reviewed by security. Only a meeting attendee can have those details.

Once a security scan is done for Meet Pass ,the Organization dashboard will highlight the participant attendance.


How Does the free trial work?

For organizations that desire to establish Meet Pass system, we give a provision to experience Meet Pass by providing 15 days free trial period with limited features after which they can start using with full features based on subscription with our pricing package. For further details on free trial please contact [email protected].

Please refer to the link to access the packages we offer with their respective features.

You may contact our sales team who will promptly support you to cancel or upgrade your existing subscription. Please note cancellation policy applies for any cancellation and you may refer to our general terms & conditions for further details.

For an organization with existing subscription and in an event their respective business centre or Holding subscribes to Meet Pass enterprise package, you may choose to continue the existing package or downgrade to normal package. We do not recommend to cancel the subscription as Enterprise packages may limit the number of meetings to manage many organizations in their accounts. However for any further clarification you may consult our sales team who will assist you further on managing the existing packages.

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