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How Meet
Pass works ?

Organization Dashboard

Managing a physical meeting is no longer a hurdle with Meet Pass. Create or import data of your employees, clients and attendees. Select the date, time and create a meeting. That’s all, everything else can be done by Meet Pass. Meet Pass allows to freely fix multiple meetings across all your teams according to your requirements and engages the sophisticated error-free rescheduling.

  • Start the Trial
  • Buy a Subscription
  • Secure Login
  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Meeting Statistics
  • Manage Profile / Location
  • Client Management
  • Employee Management
  • Security Management
  • Set User Privileges
  • Excel Uploads for Contacts
  • SMS / Email Integration
  • Create Meetings
  • Create Agenda
  • Car pass Add-on
  • Meeting Follow-up
  • Meeting Archive
  • Reports and Analytics

Image Plan swiftly and manage smartly

Image Avoid the hurdles of emails

Image Stay connected throughout

Mobile Application

Let your clients download the app to get their Meet Pass for the next meeting. User can download the app by an SMS/ Email invitation for the very first time and further notification at their fingertips. Let them manage their meetings, get updates, reminders and many more on the go! Our easy framework helps you to share your magic with the world and hook the clients with meaningful interactions thus providing a unique opportunity to experience meetings.

  • Simple and Secure login
  • Meeting Management
  • Create Quick Meet Pass
  • Get meeting Invitation
  • Meeting Reminders
  • View Participants
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Virtual Meeting Link
  • Quick Calls/ Email
  • Car Pass Request
  • Weather Update
  • Map Navigation
  • Security Check-in
  • Meeting Cancellation
  • Minutes of Meeting
  • Meeting Feedback
  • MOM Digital Signature
  • Meeting Reports
  • Day to Day Task

Image Enhanced user experience

Image Detailed meeting informations

Image Manage meetings smart

Let us help and assist you with our Meet Pass program to ensure the safety and security of your building premises! Either for a meeting or an event, Meet Pass is adaptable, full of great features.

  • Security Login
  • Security Scanning
  • Verify the Identity
  • Verify the Meetings
  • Admit the User
  • Get Reports

Image Implement safe and secure accessibility

Image Track visitors on premises

Image Generate reports of meetings and attendees

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Cutting a diamond starts with having the right skills and tools. Likewise, for business meeting success, we need the right tools to support our skills.