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Meet Pass

Subscription Packages


  • No. of Meetings - 40
  • No. of Attendees – 10
  • No. of Event – 1
  • No. of Attendees - 25


  • No. of Meetings - 100
  • No. of Attendees – 15
  • No. of Event – 5
  • No. of Attendees - 50


  • No. of Meetings - 500
  • No. of Attendees – 20
  • No. of Event – 15
  • No. of Attendees - 100
Meet PASS Features
Features Executive Business Corporate
User Mobile Application
Administration Dashboard
Security Scanner App
Email / SMS Notifications
Day to Day Task
Meeting Agenda
Quick Calls
Map Navigation
Weather Report
Quick Notes
Minutes Of Meeting
MOM Digital Signature
No. of Meetings 40 100 500
No. of Meeting attendees 10 15 20
No. of Events 1 5 15
No. of Event Attendees 25 50 100
Car Pass
Residential Pass
Dedicated link for meeting request
Link for Event registration
Custom User Privileges

Manage Your Enterprises

To track and analyze meetings for an Enterprise or Holdings as part of business management, there is a need for a smarter solution.

We set forth a common platform in Meet Pass which can create accounts for various offices with details of the meeting hence ensuring the centralized meeting management system. Meet Pass’s vision for enterprise covers Joint Ventures, Consortiums, Residential Compounds, Corporate Holdings and Business Centers.

Experience Meet Pass. Your Enterprise just got Smarter.


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