For any meetings these days Car Pass seems to be a requisite in case of parking access at meeting venue. Many a time we see special requests are made for parking access after all hurdles potential participants go through to attend a physical meeting.

We took time and approached few companies to check their Car Pass system for meeting purpose. 90% of the organizations execute an outmoded system where the meeting attendee have to request for separate car pass for parking access through email communication upon meeting invitation and provide necessary Vehicle details for security purpose. The request goes through few approvals from confirming space availability to other security checks. After the required approvals a paper pass is issued which requires to be printed and shown at the security gate to access parking slot. This is why Meet Pass has added a special feature of Car Pass as part of our vision of a one stop solution where anyone can rely for their smart physical meetings and gatherings.

This is an added feature where a meeting attendee can request Car Pass via Meet Pass itself. The meeting host has a provision to allow Car Pass request if available which will be visible on User/meeting participant dashboard and can be requested accordingly. The request will be actionized by Admin and finally Car Pass granted which will be highlighted on the same Meet Pass used for meeting access.

Initiating Car Pass feature along with Meet Pass in an organization will once again provide the most sustainable way to host a physical meeting with Parking space allocated as well.

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