These days hosting an event is more excruciating when you don’t have a system to manage participants and still follow the traditional mode of registering and provide badges to attendees to confirm the meeting and permit them accordingly.

We still observe today the various process we undertake to attend an event from registering at portal or link and awaiting confirmation from host and perhaps a separate link to make payment. The process still goes on at the event day as the participant reports to the registration counter to show the email /SMS confirmations and a waiting process to have their badges distributed to finally enter the event premise. Many a time there is a long queue to complete the registration and collect the event goodies.

Meet Pass has already integrated with Event Pass that can manage an event smartly. A simpler mode of hosting and managing meeting participants where the event host generates a link from Meet Pass dashboard which can be used for registration and have Pass generated on participant Meet Pass app for secure and simpler access at Event venue. There is no longer a need for long waiting queue, registration counters, visitor identity confirmation process etc.

Meet Pass has the best solution now to host a safe, smart & secure event. Initiating Meet Pass in an organization will make event participants management more compact and also provide the most sustainable way to host a physical event. We believe Meet Pass is the future of hosting an event smartly and in no time, this will form an integral part of Effective Event Management system.

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Staying on top of the client's expectations after a meeting can be a huge challenge. With Meet Pass Being able to organize meeting notes and track progress towards the client's goals can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction. Our meeting intelligence and management solutions make it easy to track objectives.

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