Most of us have experienced the dramatic change that 2020 caused, regardless of profession or geographical location, in our daily lives; life is different. As constraints were placed in place around meetings, the events sector felt the gravity of this move. With our interactions shifting from in-person to mostly virtual, Meet pass sought a way to sustain a valuable experience. Although most of our interactions occur through emails before, but nowadays most of our interactions now take place through streaming services such as Zoom, Meet Pass discovered a way to create an experience beyond a simple stream.

From the beginning, our mission has been to provide a positive, multi-modal experience for online planning meetings that emphasizes interaction, networking, and interactivity. Meet Pass, by turning analog content into virtual, the aim was to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds, springing a passive audience into a more interactive, empowered and energized one. If there was one thing that 2020 did, it transported us ever further into the virtual world, and in our technological journey, Meet Pass continues to adapt throughout this new period.

No matter what type of event you plan, the key to success is that participants are active, involved and have access to all relevant information. With Meet Pass new features, even if they are stuck at home in front of their computer or scattered in various offices, you can communicate with your participants. Participants will actively engage in your meeting through our app platform, and move seamlessly between devices without missing a second of your presentations, from invitation to engagement, collaboration, networking and follow-up.

Meet Pass App Platform: The Meet Pass App platform makes it even easier to participate in meetings and events. Gather your agenda, integrated live streams, polls and more. It enables the participant to obtain a history of the meeting, a reminder of the meeting, an overview of the company meeting, a scheduling and planning meeting, a result of the meetings.

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Staying on top of the client's expectations after a meeting can be a huge challenge. With Meet Pass Being able to organize meeting notes and track progress towards the client's goals can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction. Our meeting intelligence and management solutions make it easy to track objectives.

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